LaRue Tactical MBT 2-Stage Trigger, Curved Bow


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LaRue Tactical MBT 2-Stage Trigger, Curved Bow

In a world of instantly MIM’d rifle and pistol components, we threw on the brakes, slowed to a walk, and built 2-stage triggers out of solid S7 tool steel plates.

Meticulous triggers built by our staff toolmakers … without a stopwatch in sight.

No question, we’re particular about accuracy. Everyone knows that one of the smartest improvements an AR-owner can do to their rifle is a precision trigger upgrade. Everyone also knows that LaRue Tactical has a track-record of doing things right. The LaRue MBT-2S was purposefully designed and manufactured to render the greatest benefits from our legendary line of accurate rifles. The MBT-2S can also replace the stock trigger on any mil-spec AR10/AR15 lower receiver.

Sparing no expense, all major components are precision-machined from S7 Tool Steel. The result of this extra effort is a glass-smooth, hyper-consistent trigger that will satisfy even the most scrupulous competition shooter, but also be overly rugged for the battlefield. The MBT-2S breaks crisply at 4.5 lbs (2.5 lb first stage, 2 lb second stage) and has a smooth and positive reset.

Each trigger comes with an additional “heavy” trigger spring that increases the pull weight to 6 lbs.

Note: This trigger only works with Small Pin Lower Receivers/.154

9 reviews for LaRue Tactical MBT 2-Stage Trigger, Curved Bow

  1. Rusty Shackleford (verified owner)

    I like this trigger so much better than GI triggers that I have now bought several to put in every AR15 and SR25 pattern lower I own. Larue really knocked this out of the park!

  2. poptartgun (verified owner)

    The LaRue MBT-2S Trigger manifests a paradox to the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Buyers associate a low price with poor quality to rationalize paying more for a trigger based on brand and reputation. The structural integrity of machined steel stock constitutes the superior material over metal injection molding (“MIM”). The MBT-2S gives the buyer the best material, the lowest price, and the performance rivaling the big shots of trigger manufacturers.

  3. B A (verified owner)

    5/5 service, product is fantastic, and this is my favorite sweatshop to shop from! Trigger is a clean break followed by a smooth quick reset, runs fantastic in my Ldub lower!

  4. Khan (verified owner)

    Best 2-stage trigger on the market especially for the price.

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