Forward Controls Design ASF-50Q Ambi Safety, 50 Degree Throw, Offset Levers


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Forward Controls Design ASF-50Q Ambi Safety, 50 Degree Throw, Offset Levers

ASF-50Q is a 50-degree short-throw semi-auto selector with offset levers.

ASF (Ambidextrous Selector, Forward Controls) was designed from the ground up to be a defense/duty/combat safety selector, its mission is quite aptly reflected by the way its levers are attached the center, via a stainless steel roll pin.  The lever to center interface is immensely strong, the high shear strength (800 lbs) 420 stainless steel spring steel roll pin simply holds the two in place, and doesn’t handle any load.  One of the design goals dictates there be no wobble between the lever and center, we’ve called for very tight tolerances (+0.001/-0.00) on ASF’s lever and center interface to achieve that.

Q levers are offset levers, by shifting the lever closer to the shooter’s thumb when the selector is on SEMI/FIRE, it enables the user to more easily rotate it back to SAFE without shifting their grip.  For that reason, q levers are side specific, the q lever’s “leg” should always be biased towards the top.  With the selector on SEMI/FIRE, the q lever should look like a letter q (hence its name).

ASF is shipped with a selector spring, a KNS nitrided selector detent, two levers, 4 roll pins (two are needed for installation, with 2 spares), with a single lever partially assembled.

ASF centers and levers are billet machined from 8620 steel, heat treated and coated in black nitride.

Made in the USA.

For ASF installation instructions, please visit this page: ASF Installation

NOTE: For SR25 pattern lower receiver, the long right q (offset) lever will come in contact with the right side of the take down pin area.  This doesn’t affect function.

9 reviews for Forward Controls Design ASF-50Q Ambi Safety, 50 Degree Throw, Offset Levers

  1. Daniel Higgs (verified owner)

    First off, this is my new favorite selector. Hands down. I’ve had a few that I’ve really liked but this is head and shoulders above. I knew it would be good, coming from FCD, but I didn’t expect the feeeel. It’s so smooth and the detent clicks have a solid “thud” to them.

    Onto another point. When I installed it, I noticed that in the safe position, it was a few degrees shy of being horizontal. It functioned fine but looked a little funny. I emailed FCD that night, and in less than an hour they emailed back. Apparently a batch had made it out with incomplete milling. I received a new selector in two days. And the one I had worked fine. They weren’t happy with the fit and finish so they made it right. I believe they also let Rooftop know that there may be a few in inventory that need replaced.

  2. AH (verified owner)

    Very smooth to flip and very comfortable. Very fast shipping as well. Can never go wrong ordering from here

  3. gid005002 (verified owner)

    Definitely my new favorite selector lever. The Q lever shape is perfect, the short lever doesn’t get in the way of my dominant hand like some, and the long side is easy to reach in both fire and safe positions.

  4. sammeadows (verified owner)

    Best ambi safety on the market, q lever is perfectly ergonomic and the 50° throw is perfectly short and assertive to not worry about. Have it on two rifles, now.

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