Surefire M640 Dual Fuel Turbo Scoutlight Pro Weapon Light | M640DF


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Full-Size Dual Fuel High-Candela Scoutlight

(5 customer reviews)

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Surefire M640 Dual Fuel Turbo Scoutlight Pro Weapon Light | M640DF

The M640DFT-PRO Turbo Scout Light Pro combines high-candela performance and dual-fuel capability

See Farther. The M640DFT-PRO Turbo Scout Light Pro combines the best attributes of the standard M640 Scout Light Pro with high-candela performance and dual-fuel capability, and it delivers the farthest-reaching beam and longest runtime of any SureFire long-gun WeaponLight.

Ideal for long-range target identification, the M640DFT-PRO projects a blinding, peak beam intensity of 100,000 candela when powered by the included SF18650B rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or 90,000 candela when powered by two 123 lithium batteries. Its precision reflector creates a tightly focused, concentrated shaft of light with minimal bounce when peering over, under or around barricades. At the same time, it provides ample spill light to help the user maintain situational awareness.

Our Low-Profile Mount (LPM) delivers unprecedented versatility, allowing the user to optimize the light’s position relative to the rail and other attached firearm accessories. Rugged and reliable, the LPM easily and securely attaches to any MIL-STD-1913 or M-LOK rail. Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements, the M640DFT-PRO is the best-performing, most durable, and most feature-rich WeaponLight for its size.

  • Turbo reflector delivers the farthest-reaching beam of any SureFire Scout Light Pro WeaponLight
  • Low-Profile Mount (LPM) allows optimum light positioning; ideal for use with other rail-mounted accessories
  • Mounting hardware for MIL-STD-1913 and M-LOK rails is included

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5 reviews for Surefire M640 Dual Fuel Turbo Scoutlight Pro Weapon Light | M640DF

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    Surefires best rifle light to date. The fact that it comes with 1913 and M-Lok mounts out of the box is great and the high candella beam is mind blowing compared to other lights, now to try and convince myself that I don’t need a Unity Gas Cap and fancy USB C switch.

  2. Jamison Hopkins (verified owner)

    Excellent rifle light and probably the best mounting system on the market today. This light has tons of power for punching through smoke, fog, dark window tint, etc… PID at 100 yards with no issues.

  3. Bobby (verified owner)

    My ramen was completely opened the night of getting my package. I did not eat that night and ended up sitting in my bed with a turbo the thing is beyond bright.

  4. Joshua (verified owner)

    Real sweatshop speed such as getting my order ready to ship after midnight. This is my second light I’ve gotten here and for good reason. Great lights and great service. Thank you Sol.

  5. Chee Lim (verified owner)

    Got this bad boy in last night, mounted and tested against the venerable modlite okw. Beam pattern and throw were very similar 0-200 yards. Need to test it at further distances to test out the extra 31,000 candela that the m640df turbo has over the okw. Sol and the sweatshop got this out to me super quick!

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