Forward Controls Design TGF Trigger Guard


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Forward Controls Design TGF Trigger Guard

TGF (Trigger Guard, Forward Controls) is available in standard (straight) and winter versions.

Both are machined from 7075 aluminum, they do not have spring loaded detent for the front, but use a set screw like Magpul’s, and a standard trigger guard roll pin in the rear.

We retained the use of roll pin for TGF’s rear, as it’s reliable and robust, it also will not loosen. The front set screw (1/16 Allen wrench is required) is flush with the receiver and doesn’t protrude.

Both versions feature a canted front edge to make rocking the magazine into the mag well easier. The winter version has as much constant/unchanged space from the trigger bow forward as possible (instead of the space inside tapering and decreasing as the trigger guard nears the receiver’s front trigger guard holes). The space to the rear of the trigger bow is inaccessible for the user’s finger, so it’s kept small and low.

Available in anodized black, desert tan, and OD green.

TGF is designed for use with TDP spec forged lower receivers, and fills the gap forward of the pistol grip, between the trigger guard “ears” (note that TGF will not swing down like TDP spec trigger guards). All the sharp edges and corners have been removed.

Lower receivers made from Cerro Forge “keyhole” forgings generally have taller trigger guard ears, as do Colt, LMT, and BCM lower receivers.

Please note ZEV produced lower receivers appear to have shorter trigger guard ears, and these shortened ears expose a bit of the bottom of the TGF, as shown below. This has no bearing on functionality. The latest Mega lowers (with the old Mega atomic whirl) has been reported to have longer ears that do cover the TGF.

Left: ZEV made lower receiver. Right: Colt receiver. On these ZEV produced receivers, TGF lines up with the grip’s corner, where the trigger guard is supposed to be.

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Straight, Winter


Black, FDE, OD Green

23 reviews for Forward Controls Design TGF Trigger Guard

  1. Bryan Greene (verified owner)

    Excellent quality from FCD and fast shipping from Rooftop!

  2. sammeadows (verified owner)

    Roomy, easy install, no issues.

  3. Khan (verified owner)

    Mainly got it for the aesthetic. My first one I bought directly from FCD website was part of a bad batch where the anodize made the screw hole too tight.

    The screw wouldn’t go in all the way and when attempting to back it out it stripped. Had to take my lower to a gunsmith, he ended up drilling out the screw but also took some material off my lower in the process. I was not happy.

    To FCD credit, Roger did sent out a new trigger guard immediately. But it’s disappointing QC from FCD considering how much they charge for their products. I had issues with other FCD products such as the roll pin of their bolt catch being out of spec and wouldn’t go in no matter how hard I hammered it. Tried a roll pin from Aero Precision Lower Parts Kit and it went in no problem.

    So be careful and check if your screw goes in easily first before installing the trigger guard on your lower. I’ll be more cautious buying FCD products from now on.

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