Kalashnikov USA KP9 9.25″ 9mm Pistol


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Kalashnikov USA KP9 9.25″ 9mm Pistol

The KP 9 Pistol from Kalashnikov USA satisfies all your urges when you are in the shooting range. This semi-automatic pistol is built on the AK platform and made in the USA with accurate precision and expert innovation. It has a 9mm caliber, 9.25” barrel and weighs around 5.62 lbs.

The Kalashnikov KP 9 Pistol is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun, a powerful and robust firearm.  It comes with an OAL of 18.25” and accepts the 30 round magazine (detachable) from Kalashnikov USA.


  • Caliber 9mm
  • Action Semi-auto
  • Operating System Direct blowback
  • Magazine Capacity 30 Round
  • Barrel Length 9.25″

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1 review for Kalashnikov USA KP9 9.25″ 9mm Pistol

  1. Robert Neville (verified owner)

    Absolute heater, if you’re looking for an AK that isnt going to break the bank (especially after the russian ammo situation) this is it.

    On an off topic, if you’re looking to install Zenitco, theres a trick that wont be obvious at first, when you remove your handguard take a look at the rear base plate of the handguard, the shape of the stock handguard is vastly different than a zenitco handguard. You’ll need to shave off about 1/3rd of an inch from the top of that if you want it to be able to fit into the receiver.

    Even if you’re not interested in the zenit life, stock out of the box, this thing is a blast. I swapped the trigger to an ALG, but honestly the stock trigger is very well done, feels great and looks good.

    Only mandatory upgrade you would really need to do is to get a brace, but thats a 30 second and couple dollar fix.


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